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Legends Never Die

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Kobe died.

There's no way I just wrote that. Kobe's invincible. Kobe's an assassin. Kobe's ruthless. Kobe's merciless. Kobe's a champion. Kobe......well, he's just....he's Kobe.

Kobe was no magician on the court. No, there was no magic in his game. It was all hard work. It was all grit. It was all focus. It was all Mamba Mentality. Kobe's dedication to his craft provided millions of us the blueprint needed to succeed in our own lives. It inspired millions of people to do better, to work harder and be a better version of yourself when it came to what you're working on.

This was a regular scene later on in Kobe's career. No matter how much his body broke down, he'd still give it 110%

There are ballers out there who go to practice everyday with the little voice in their head screaming "Kobe!". There are future doctors in med school studying for an exam with the little voice in their head screaming "Kobe!". There are film producers, actors, writers out there with the little voice in their head screaming "Kobe!". Mamba Mentality is infectious and can be applied to everything that you do.

For some of us, growing up, we didn't have family vacations to look forward to or new toys to play with. Instead, for those of us who didn't have money growing up, Kobe provided the thrills and awe moments that no one else could have provided. A reprieve from everyday life. For those 2.5 hours you watched him play, you thought life couldn't get much better than this.

Thoughts and prayers to all those families and loved ones who were affected by this event. It's tragic his daughter and seven others passed away too soon on that doomed helicopter flight. It's an ironic, beautiful, twisted tragedy that they were on their way to a basketball tournament.

Rest in Peace to all 9 victims
Kobe teaching his daughter Gigi who was well on her way in becoming a basketball star herself

There are some of you out there who don't understand why many of us are devastated, mourning, crying over someone 99.9% of us have never met personally (he dapped me at a Wizards game courtside once) And you'd be right to think so. A lot of people die everyday, a lot of terrible things happen every day.

But Kobe was a phenomenon. He was larger than life. He was the ruthless assassin on the court that took no mercy on his competition. He was Kobe Motherfu**ing Bryant. And he too couldn't escape death. Life is fragile and his death shows that nothing in life is guaranteed no matter how invincible you or someone may seem.

The truth is Kobe did die but his Mamba Mentality will live forever. His legend will live forever.

Love him or hate him, you had to respect him.

And one last time, Mamba Out.


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